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Horny420 is here to provide you with sexy pot-smoking singles. We bring people together to hookup and smoke. If you’re as passionate as we are about smoking weed and think it’s as attractive as we do, you’re in luck! We’re so excited about this site and the legalization of weed! Smoking is more than just an action but a lifestyle we live. It’s about more than getting high, it’s about the peace a serenity that surrounds us.

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The magic that people can bring to us is unlimited when we’re more in tune with our bodies and happiness. Smoking weed is sexy but it’s also a way of life. We’re part of that way of life and we’re here to get people together! Share the magic, you’ll never know how much happiness you can bring to someone until you try 😉

We’re excited for this revolution and we’re ready to take advantage of all it brings. Let the fun times and hot ladies take over! Horny420 is Revolutionizing what it is to hook up with sexy singles and smoke a few blunts together. That’s how a date should be! If you’re ready to start hooking up with pot loving single hotties, CLICK HERE!

We have put together a website that caters to the needs of those who smoke weed and  find the wonders of the plant to be beneficial in everyday life and healthcare. It’s important when you’re a smoker to find others who also smoke and enjoy the same things as you. We have what you’re looking for! Find everything from your best friend to the love of your life and everything in between at Horny420.


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We’ve made a list of our favorite sites to visit for sexting. These sites are guaranteed to help get you a sexting buddy in no time! Sexting is just fun foreplay for getting laid and it definitely ups the ante when it comes to teasing and anticipation. No one loves sexting more than we do and we’re pretty excited to share what we know and love with you!

Browse through the world wide web for steamy, sexy amazing sext partners. There are so many people out there right now looking to find someone to sext with. Don’t keep them waiting!

 There Are So Many More!

There are more options to choose from. You don’t have to stick with the same ole plain Jane sex that you’ve been having for 20 years now. You have the pick of the litter so to speak. If you’re not particularly interested in sexting you can take a look at the other things we have to offer such as:


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There are all kinds of flavors for all kinds of people,
here are more of our delicious flavors.

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Find More Stoners!

It can feel like a task to find someone who is into weed as much as you are. After all, it’s a lifestyle.  Like finding someone who also goes to the gym on a regular basis. We’ve compiled a list of our friends who offer the same thing we do. Variety is always beneficial!

  • SextOnline.com – Find Sexy babes for some innocent fun on the interwebs. It’s a fun and harmless game we like to call ‘sexting’ and it’s truly exhilarating. Start Sexting with beautiful singles today!
  • 420BangMe.com – Sometimes it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for but not anymore! 420 Bang Me was made specifically for those of us who want to smoke before we fuck, then after too! Get Naked, smoke a joint and check out 420 Bang Me.
  • StonerHookups.com – Get stoned, get laid, repeat! Hookup with other stoners!
  • SinglesChatr.com – Chat with singles right now! Thousands of singles are waiting for you to Log in to singles chat!
  • OlderBabes.net – Mature women just know how to please a man like no one else can. Find an older babe to play with!
  • BonePage.com – The best site since the escorts sites like Backpage.com were shut down. Come search the adult classifieds for free local sex hookups.
  • SwingHookups.com – “Sexy swingers gathered here today..” It’s a social site for swingers to hook up! The bandwagon has arrived!
  • WebcamSuperstars.com – Ever wonder what camming is like? Do you already love camming? Check out these Webcam Superstars baring it all!


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